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Shared Studios has worked with Boston College on 6 occasions, creating global learning experiences and engagements for students and faculty. The Portal was originally brought to the Boston College campus through a grant with the International Studies program and has become a way for the school to give learners opportunities to connect meaningfully with unique communities across the globe.

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Our container Portal has been brought to the Boston College campus for 3-4 week at a time and each time is used by a variety of classes and programs to build experiential learnings. Professors will book the Portal and break students  into smaller groups to explore topics relative to their class curriculum. We have trained students and faculty to act as curators for the experience, giving students additional skills in cross-cultural communication.

We have worked with English departments to explore writing narratives around topics like migration and belonging through individuals with lived experiences. We have collaborated with the Music department to create collaborative performances and discussions with musicians around the globe. We have connected their soccer team to refugee camps to teach juggling skills to youths and we have also worked extensively with the International Studies program along a range of programming from global affairs to climate change.


Our Portal has returned to Boston College 6 times as each time they are able to bring a broader cohort of classes to share in this global experience. Teachers and professors are developing more learning plans and curriculum around the Portal experiences and students are actively returning to build their relationships with global communities and improve their global mindsets.

We are currently exploring the location for a permanent Portal on the campus so that learners and faculty can access the Portal year-round.








Amazing, incredible profoundly beautiful and connective experience.

Amazing, incredible profoundly beautiful and connective experience.

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