Improving global competencies for students

Wellington has brought the Portal to their campus for 3 consecutive years, with a focus on global education and global citizenship. They wanted to build core student competencies while creating lasting connections between Wellington and communities around the world. The Portal has become a central feature in their annual programming for global and interactive learning experiences.

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Each year, we bring our Container Portal to their campus, which they have affectionately named the “Big Gold Box” and create interactive learning experiences linked to themes including, migration, climate, language, and culture. 

This year included a day dedicated to Global Education and connected students to one of the World Economic Forum’s “Schools of the Future” - Kabakoo Academies in Bamako, Mali 

With Wellington’s goal of building empathy between students and communities around the world, another day brought learners into conversations with footballers at the Naki-Football Academy based in one of the largest refugee settlements in the world, Nakivale Uganda. Students were able to empathize with  refugee youth while working together to understand how football is being used to build social cohesion and community in Nakivale.  Other connections included Bangladesh, Gaza, Mexico and Barbados.


Students were able to build global competencies by learning firsthand with diverse communities around the globe. They met new friends, developed important SEL skills around cross-cultural communication and empathy building and are on their way to becoming thoughtful, global citizens.








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