Twitter’s most successful consumer-facing campaign

Social media can be incredibly powerful but at times it can be very toxic. Twitter wanted to create a large brand activation that reminded its users of the people behind the avatars they chatted with everyday and reconfirm its commitment to healthy dialogue. This brand activation was dubbed #Tweetups and focused on the power of global conversation to connect humanity.

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We deployed Twitter-branded Portals to 40 iconic cities across the globe for a 10-day activation. We strategically positioned these in areas with heavy foot traffic like downtown Tokyo, Ipanema Beach and Grand Central Station. Throughout the 10-days, Portals would connect to each other for live, experiential interactions between Twitter users and passersby.

These unique structures with Twitter’s logo popping up overnight created quite the stir amongst its users and provided a safe and intimate space for individuals to have real conversations with people all over the world.

We also brought in special guests like K-pop band BTS to create exciting shareable moments and generate additional buzz for the activation


Not only did this brand activation reinforce the uniqueness of Twitter’s platform, it became their most successful consumer-facing campaign to date. Tens of thousands of people experienced #Tweetups and millions of pedestrians saw the custom-branded Portalsover the course of the 10 days. It generated massive amounts of impressions through shared images and videos users took while in the activation as well as a host of exciting video clips to be used in other Twitter marketing and advertising efforts.








This is really the most meaningful work I’ve seen at Twitter ever. So inspiring and so moving.

This is really the most meaningful work I’ve seen at Twitter ever. So inspiring and so moving.

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